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Collateral Consequences

When someone you know has been convicted of a crime, they can be subject to collateral consequences triggered by that crime.

  • Collateral consequences are legal and regulatory sanctions and restrictions that limit or prohibit people with criminal records from accessing employment, occupational licensing, housing, voting, education, and other opportunities (  NICCC, 2019)
  • Different states have different  consequences attached to criminal convictions. The consequences can be very harsh, particularly for loved ones who are convicted of sexual offenses.
  • The information on the page is not intended to be legal advice.  Individuals are highly encouraged to seek the best available legal advice about the laws in their states.

Here are links to online resources that provide more information about Collateral Consequences:

Collateral Consequences Resource Center – Providing information on collateral consequences of criminal conviction and restoration of rights: news, commentary, and tools

National Inventory of Collateral Consequences of Conviction (NICCC) –  Search and view details of policies relating to collateral consequences of a criminal conviction.

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