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LINK to DOWNLOAD Resource Guide for Families of Adults Accused, charged or Convicted of Sexual Offenses in Colorado

General Help, Housing, Jobs, Legal Resources

We do not provide direct services, but we can try to put you in touch with individuals or groups who can help with housing, jobs, and other issues.

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General Help

  1. Re-Entry – 940 Broadway – Denver
    Bus Passes, backpack, work shoes, work pants, vouchers for housing, computer lab for finding work, bicycle
    Veteran rep – Tony Medina will suggest other avenues for help
    Megan Sharp Weaver is helpful
  2. Volunteers of America – 2660 Larimer St & 2877 Larimer St. – 303-297-0408
    –If a veteran asks for Brad Allen, he will help with uniforms, suit, tools, resume, interviews, job searches
    (Brad’s phone number: 720-317-5836 cel or 303 297-0408 ext. 13106)
    –Ask for Calyn 303-505-6262 if in need of stable housing – can provide first month’s rent and deposit for an approved address.
  3. Human Services for your County
    Can apply for Quest Food Stamp card, among other services
  4. Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
    –Tammy Bellofatto – Vocational Specialists – 303-312-9833 or 720-244-9557
    Can help with bus passes, work search, uniforms, tools, utility assistance if in the Denver area
  5. Veterans Administration Eastern Colorado
    Missy Mish (Supervisor) – health care, DD-214, references, laundry services, and showers
  6. Veteran Services Officer at Denver Dept. of Human Services – 1200 Federal Blvd
    George Cassidy – 720-944-3501 – help with any Veteran related issue (DD-214, medical, military claims, etc.)
  7. Stout Street Clinic – 2100 Broadway 303-293-2220
    Free eye glasses, TB shots card, prescriptions, dental and medical issues (free if jobless)
  8. Denver Works – 2828 N. Speer, Room 201 (303) 433-0300
    Job assistance, suit (Call to make an appointment. They offer one-on-one help)
    Denver Works Website
  9. Providers Resource Clearing house – 14500 East 33rd Place, Aurora, CO 303-962-2270
    For veterans, furniture, dishes, bedding, lamps, hygiene, beds, rugs – contact Veteran Representative at Volunteers of America.
  10. Jeffco Action Center – 8700 West 14th – Food box six times a year, clothes, shoes, sheets, bicycle, limited bus passes, provide a temporary mailing address
  11. Doing His Time 72 Hour Fund / Colorado -4045 Wadsworth Blvd. Suite 310 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033  303-300-3670.  Clothes, bus tokens, job counseling, housing, food and other basic essentials are available on a needs-driven basis for all who make an appointment. Doing His Time Website
  12. Colorado Works Handbook (Aug 2013)
    The Colorado Works Program is a work-focused public assistance program that started on July 1,1997. Colorado Works can provide you and your family with temporary assistance, support services including work supports, and education and training.

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Affordable Rental Housing is in short supply across the Denver Metropolitan area. Housing is even more of a challenge for those having felonies and those on the SO registry. Here is an unofficial  list from CMRC. This information is not guaranteed to be up to date or 100% accurate. But it may be a place to start.

Another strategy is to contact individuals who own small apartment buildings, duplexes, or condos. Also, our members are telling us that they have had some success with Craig’s List. But there is a risk of scams on Craig’s List.

Any properties owned by corporations are very likely to prohibit people with felonies and those who must register from living there. Investigate possible residency restrictions for your area of interest. They can vary from municipality to municipality.

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Please be aware that some employers may be Felon Friendly, but not necessarily SO Friendly.
Many job opportunities are passed on through word of mouth. Ask trusted family members and friends if they know of opportunities. If you are in treatment, ask others in your treatment group if they have suggestions.

Contact AFC for our most current list of possible job opportunities. We try to keep the list up-to-date, but employment situations are constantly changing.

  1.  Veterans’ Job Club
    3rd Thursday of the Month
    9:00am to 11:00
    VA Medical Center
    Building C, Room 111
  2. Federal Bonding Program – insures employer in case of embezzlement, larceny, forgery, or theft.
    Click the link above for more information about this program.

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Legal Resources

Note: We cannot recommend specific attorneys. However we can offer some strategies for finding legal assistance.

Status of Free (pro bono) help for former offenders seeking collateral relief


All free clinics have been completed.

The project is seeking  funding to (hopefully) be able to offer additional clinics in the future.

Click Here for more information.

1. Public Defender:

The constitution provides a free lawyer to indigent people in cases where jail is a possibility.
Link to Colorado Public Defenders.

If there is a problem with the representation someone is currently receiving from a public defender’s office, it is appropriate to contact the Office Head at that regional office.  The Office Head can also be asked to respond to requests for follow-up representation in the event a person’s previous public defender has left the office and the public defender’s administrative staff  are unable to assist.

Post Conviction Issues:
There is no automatic right to a Public Defender to represent an indigent person on post-conviction issues like, for example, trying to withdraw a guilty plea, seeking a new trial based upon newly discovered evidence, challenging the constitutionality of the sentencing scheme, or pursuing a claim that parole was illegally revoked.

A request for the appointment of counsel can be made as part of the filing [download form 35(c)] of a motion pursuant to Crim. P. 35(c) however.  Then the court will decide whether or not to appoint counsel.  If counsel is to be appointed, the court will appoint the Public Defender unless there is a conflict of interest in which case the Office of Alternate Defense Counsel will be appointed.  The defendant does not get to choose which individual lawyer will be appointed.

Please Note: There are many situations where a Public Defender CANNOT help. (See more info below)

If you are not indigent, you do not qualify.
Note: Indigence is determined based upon

  • gross household income
  • household expenses compared to gross household income; and
  • the criminal charge compared to assets which may be used to pay defense costs.

Click here for a link to Memorandum on the Role of the Office of the State Public Defender and State Law Concerning Indigency Guidelines.

Things the Public Defender CANNOT do:

  1. Parole Matters:
    The Public Defender cannot provide representation on any parole matters including parole revocation and parole board hearings.  The Public Defender cannot challenge the conditions of parole in court.  A private attorney may be hired to provide representation.
  2. Conditions of Confinement:
    The Public Defender cannot provide representation concerning problems with the conditions of confinement at DOC such as when an individual wants to challenge an “S4” classification or if an inmate feels his constitutional rights are being violated by the DOC.  A private attorney may be hired to provide representation.
  3. Registration and Records:
    The Public Defender cannot provider representation in registration, expungement, or record sealing cases.  A private attorney may be hired to provide representation.
  4. Class Action Lawsuit:
    The Public Defender cannot file a civil lawsuit including a class action lawsuit.  A private attorney may be hired to provide representation.
  5. Please Note: Laurie Rose Kepros, Director of Sexual Litigation for the Colorado Office of the State Public Defender does not carry a caseload or represent individual defendants.  She is available to the lawyers within her agency for support, training, and advice but cannot advise individual defendants directly.

2. For domestic relations matters:

There are pro se (pro se means representing yourself) case managers in many jurisdictions who help people navigate the paperwork around these kinds of issues.The local Legal Aid offices also may provide this kind of help to indigent people.

3. OTHER ORGANIZATIONS who may be able to provide assistance at no cost:

  1. ACLU of Colorado, 303 E. 17th Ave., Ste 350, Denver, CO 80203-1256
    *Legal representation
    Main line: (303) 777-5482
    – a request for help form is available on their website
  2. Advocates for Change, PO Box 103392, Denver CO 80250
    *Advocacy and support group for individuals with sex offenses and their families/friends (not legal representation)
    AFC Response Line: (720) 329-9096 (This line will be checked at least once a day for messages and we promise to get back with you if you leave us a message.)
  3. Coalition for Sexual Offense Restoration (CSOR) The organization supports those who have committed a sexual offense and their families and friends.
  1. Colorado Prison Law Project, 1515 Wynkoop St., Ste. 360, Denver, CO 80202
    *Legal Representation
    Call: 720-389-9145
    *If you are providing contact information to a prisoner, please also give our attorney registration numbers: Elisabeth L. Owen, #42556; Nicole B. Godfrey, #41546. Remind your loved one to use the proper legal mail procedures at his or her facility to ensure confidentiality.
  2. Colorado CURE
    *Advocacy and support group for individuals serving sentences in the department of corrections and their families/friends (not legal representationMeeting Times and Places (All meetings begin at 7PM unless otherwise noted)
  • State Chapter
    Meets 3rd Wednesday
    Daniels Building, 101 Monroe Street, Denver
    Contact Dianne Tramutola-Lawson at (303) 758-3390
  • Northern Colorado-CURE (Fort Collins), Meets the 3rd Monday.
    Contact Nick Boyd
    (970) 308-6775
  • Southern Colorado-CURE (Colorado Springs)
    Meets the 2nd Tuesday
    Community Corrections Bldg., 3615 Roberts Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80907-5301
    Contact Michael Dell
    (719) 510-9797
  • Cañon City Colorado-CURE
    Members from the Cañon City area are invited to attend Southern Colorado CURE meetings in Colorado Springs.
  • Western Slope Colorado-CURE
    Meets the 2nd Tuesday
    201 Plateau Ave, Collbran, CO 81624
    Contact JoLynn Dorman
    (970) 773-0296
  • Coalition for Sexual Offense Restoration (CSOR)
    *Advocacy and support network for individuals with sex offenses and their families/friends (not legal representation)
    Susan Walker, M.A.
  • Colorado Innocence Project
    *Legal representation
    Clinical Education, Wolf Law Building, 404 UCB, Boulder, Colorado 80309-0404
    (303) 492-2640

Criteria for Eligibility for Help from Colorado Innocence Project:

INNOCENCE PROJECT EVALUATION CRITERIA – a request for help form is available on their website

  1. The applicant must be making a claim of actual innocence that, if successful, will result in the release of the applicant.  Thus, for example, claims of inappropriate sentences and admission of guilt to less serious offenses are not appropriate for the Project.
  2. The claim of innocence must be one that has a reasonable chance of being established through admissible evidence.  Thus for example, an applicant who argues only that the jury should have believed him and not the victim does not present an appropriate claim.  Preference is given to cases in which there is physical evidence that can be evaluated.
  3. The applicant must have been sentenced to a significant amount of time, and have a significant amount of time remaining on his or her sentence.  Due to fiscal and time constraints, the Project will accept only cases involving lengthy sentences.  There is no particular length of sentence that is required.
  4. The applicant must have exhausted all other reasonable remedies.  The Project is not in business to assist appointed or retained counsel who are pursuing appeals or other post-conviction remedies, with the exception of federal habeas claims.  We are lawyers of last resort; we generally will not get involved if appointed or retained counsel is already involved.
  5. Preference will be given to those claims that involve forensic technologies that were not employed in the investigation of the case.  A case that can be re-investigated using new DNA analytical techniques is preferable to one that simply calls for a re-investigation of factual issues already addressed.
  6. When possible, and after a release of information has been obtained from the applicant, the applicant’s trial and/or appellate lawyers will be contacted for the purpose of evaluating the legal and factual claims made by the applicant.
  7. Cases in which the applicant proceeded to trial will be given preference over those cases in which the applicant pleaded guilty pursuant to a plea agreement.
  8. Only cases arising in Colorado will be accepted by the Project.  Both state and federal court cases will be considered.  Cases from other states will be referred to an appropriate resource.  We will attempt to coordinate with lawyers from other states in those cases which may need a filing in one state but an investigation in another state.
  9. Strong consideration will be given to those cases which raise the issues most commonly found in cases of wrongful convictions: mistaken identification, ineffective assistance, testimony from ‘cooperating witnesses’ and police or prosecution misconduct.
  10. None of these criteria establishes a hard and fast rule that cannot be violated.  We will endeavor to give each case an independent evaluation.

As we come across suggestions, we will add more to this page. Helpful comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

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