Family Resource Guide

Resource Guide

for Families of Adults
Accused, Charged or Convicted
of Sexual Offenses in Colorado

Available Downloads:

Part 1 – Supporting Your Loved One from Arrest to Sentencing (1.11MB)

Chapter 1 – The Arrest
Chapter 2 – Jail and Bail Bond
Chapter 3 – Moving through the Court System
Chapter 4 – Evaluation, Child Contact Considerations, and Sentencing

Part 2 – Serving the Sentence  (1.93 MB)

Chapter 5 – The Role of Treatment
Chapter 6 – Probation
Chapter 7 – Jail
Chapter 8 – Community Corrections (COMCOR)
Chapter 9 – Prison under the Colorado Department of Corrections
Chapter 10 – Parole under the Colorado Department of Corrections
Chapter 11 – Sex Offender Registry and Post Sentence Considerations

Part 3 – Agency Information (1.21 MB)

Section 1. Office of the State Public Defender
Section 2. Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB)
Section 3. What is Treatment? (A Therapist’s Perspective)
Section 4. What Happens when Police respond to Sexual assault
Section 5. What Is an Evaluation?
Section 6. Probation Supervision
Section 7. Community Corrections
Section 8. Sex Offender Treatment & Monitoring Program (SOTMP)
Section 9. The Colorado Parole Board
Section 10. Parole
Section 11. Sex Offender Registration Requirements

Appendices (0.27MB)

Appendix A – Definitions of Various Terms
Appendix B – Dependency and Neglect Information

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