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Purpose of the Resource Guide

This guide was prepared to answer many questions, to provide resources, and to validate the emotional upheaval that family members may experience as a loved one goes through the justice system. The the working group who prepared this guide has tried to provide a family perspective using family friendly language without compromising accuracy of information.

Resource Guide

for Families of Adults
Accused, Charged or Convicted
of Sexual Offenses in Colorado

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Available Downloads:

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Entire Guide – Black & White Printable Format    (2.69MB) – 228 pages

You are now able to download the entire guide (B&W version).
Note: There are some blank pages to allow for proper printing on both sides of the paper.

Part 1 – Supporting Your Loved One from Arrest to Sentencing (1.11MB) – 63 pages

Chapter 1 – The Arrest
Chapter 2 – Jail and Bail Bond
Chapter 3 – Moving through the Court System
Chapter 4 – Evaluation, Child Contact Considerations, and Sentencing

Part 2 – Serving the Sentence  (1.93 MB) – 125 pages

Chapter 5 – The Role of Treatment
Chapter 6 – Probation
Chapter 7 – Jail
Chapter 8 – Community Corrections (COMCOR)
Chapter 9 – Prison under the Colorado Department of Corrections
Chapter 10 – Parole under the Colorado Department of Corrections
Chapter 11 – Sex Offender Registry and Post Sentence Considerations

Part 3 – Agency Information (1.21 MB) – 40 pages

Section 1. Office of the State Public Defender
Section 2. Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB)
Section 3. What is Treatment? (A Therapist’s Perspective)
Section 4. What Happens when Police respond to Sexual assault
Section 5. What Is an Evaluation?
Section 6. Probation Supervision
Section 7. Community Corrections
Section 8. Sex Offender Treatment & Monitoring Program (SOTMP)
Section 9. The Colorado Parole Board
Section 10. Parole
Section 11. Sex Offender Registration Requirements

Appendices (0.27MB) – 16 pages

Appendix A – Definitions of Various Terms
Appendix B – Dependency and Neglect Information

About the Resource Guide

BACKGROUND: The Family Education, Engagement and Support Committee – later renamed the Family Education, Engagement and Support Working Group (Working Group) – was established by the SOMB in June 2015, in response to family members’ concerns about what happens to loved ones who are accused or convicted of a sex offense. Family members expressed a need for information about what happens to loved ones who enter the legal system, subject to sex offense provisions and requirements under the law. For over six years, the Working Group met during the first Friday of each month. The meeting was facilitated by family members and included family members, registered citizens, advocates for people with sexual offenses, advocates for people who have been sexually victimized, community and prison-based therapists, probation and parole representatives, legal representatives, and Sex Offender Management Board members and staff. This Working Group worked collaboratively with stakeholders to produce a product that will inform, support, and recognize the impact of their loved one’s crime of conviction on their family members and finally, provides appropriate ways for family members to engage with the various agencies and boards their loved one will travel through.

GUIDE PREPARATION PROCESS: Early on, the Working Group decided to focus on producing a document that provides information to family members from arrest to post sentence, which recognizes the impact on families, and suggests what family members can do, and where they can go to get answers. The Resource Guide for Families of Adults Accused, Charged or Convicted of Sexual Offenses in Colorado (The Guide) is divided in three parts plus Appendices:

  • Part 1 – Supporting Your Loved One from Arrest to Sentencing;
  • Part 2 -Serving the Sentence (with post sentence considerations);
  • Part 3 – Agency Information, provided directly from the respective agencies The Guide aims to be clear about what each step from arrest to post sentencing looks like to a family member who may be seeing their loved one in the judicial system for the first time.

The Working group felt it was important to describe each step accurately if not thoroughly. So it was vital to the Working Group that each agency/system/department/board vet the description of their part. Beyond that, the perspective of each chapter is from the family point of view. The Guide includes Alert Boxes, Key Terms, Glossary, and Personal Stories.

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