Draft Family Resource Guide

Review and Comment on the Family Resource Guide

Please note:  As a public service, AFC is making this guide available for people to read and comment on. This guide was not written by AFC.

The Family Education, Engagement, and Support Committee is asking for your comments to help them make the Resource Guide for Families of Adults Accused, Charged or Convicted of Sexual Offenses in Colorado (Resource Guide) helpful for family, friends and others who support Registered Citizens.

Different sections of the guide will be made available for comment as they become available.

Available Downloads:

Part 1 – Introduction + Chapters 1-4

Note:Comments have been considered and revisions have been completed.

Part 2 – Introduction + Chapter 6-Probation + Part 3 Section 3.6

Note: Comments have been considered and revisions have been completed.

Part 2 – Introduction + draft Chapter 5-The Role of Therapy +Part 3 Section 3.3

Note: Chapter 5 and Part 3 Section 3.3 are under currently under revision in response to comments received.

Now Available for Download and Comments:

Part 2 – Introduction + draft Chapter 11-Parole under the Co Dept. of Corrections + Part 3 Section 3.10

How to Submit Comments

This guide is being prepared to answer many questions, to provide resources, and to validate the emotional upheaval that family members may experience as a loved one goes through the justice system.  The committee is trying to provide a family perspective using family friendly language without compromising accuracy of information.

This guide is being prepared by The Family Education, Engagement, and Support Committee (Family Engagement Committee) in collaboration with the Colorado SOMB. Committee members include family members, advocates for people with sexual offenses, advocates for people who have been sexually victimized, therapists, probation and parole, and Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB members and staff.) The committee meets on the first Friday of the month to work on the product.  The meeting is open to all interested parties.

The Family Engagement Committee was formed by the SOMB in was in response to two family presentations to the SOMB. During those presentations, it was clear that family members and others offering support for individuals subject to the requirements of the SOMB need information about the process. In response the Family Engagement Committee is in the process of drafting a Resource Guide for Families.


The Family Engagement Committee is releasing Part 1 of the Resource Guide for Families of Adults Accused, Charged or Convicted of Sexual Offenses in Colorado (Family Resource Guide) for final review and comment. The committee has reviewed and discussed previously submitted comments and suggestions, and as a result the committee has made several changes in Part 1.

The committee had valuable contributions from legal and court representatives on the committee for accuracy in each of the four chapters.  The  glossary is not yet included,  as it is still a work in progress.

As with the previous reviews, the committee is not looking for formatting suggestions but rather in this final draft of Part I the comments should be on major omissions or errors.  Comments of support would be appreciated as well.

Part 1 – Final Draft contains

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – The Arrest
  • Chapter 2 – Jail and Bail Bond
  • Chapter 3 – Moving through the Court System
  • Chapter 4 – Evaluation, Child Contact Considerations, and Sentencing

Part 2 Chapters are being released for review and comment as they are finished by the committee.
The Glossary also will be released upon completion.

Part 2 Chapters will include

Upcoming Part 3 Agency Information  sections will include information provided from various agency representatives in their official capacity.

There are several ways to get your comments to the committee: 

1. Email your comments to  chris.lobanov-rostovsky@state.co.us
Use the Subject : Comments – Family Resource Guide

2. Email your comments to afcwebmom@gmail.com
(to have comments forwarded without your name or email address)
Use the Subject : Comments – Family Resource Guide

3. Send written comments to
Colorado SOMB
700 Kipling Street, Suite 1000
Denver, Colorado 80215
Attn: Chris Lobanov-Rostovsky – Family Resource Guide

4. Send written comments to
Advocates for Change
PO Box 103392
Denver CO 80250
Attn: Family Resource Guide


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