AFC 2016 Costs Survey

About the Survey

In an effort to better understand the financial costs required of individuals who have been convicted/adjudicated of a sex offense in Colorado, Advocates For Change (AFC) has developed a new Cost Survey.  If you are under supervision in Colorado, please complete the following questions, to the best of your ability, so that AFC may use the data gathered in its work to better advocate for those who have committed a sex offense and their families.

It is AFC’s hope that as many impacted individuals as possible will complete the Monthly Costs Survey.  Valid, complete and accurate data enhances AFC’s work to advocate on behalf of those who have been convicted/adjudicated of a sex offense and their families with not only the SOMB but with the many state legislators AFC has developed important relationships.

The survey starts with background information, for context. Then the survey asks about program requirements and costs that you pay. It should take about 20 minutes to complete.

A note for those who have concerns about privacy:

You are not asked to provide your name, only the name of your SOMB approved treatment provider and phone/computer monitoring agency, if appropriate. All information will be reported in aggregate (for example, averages, totals, or ranges). No individual personal information will be reported. We encourage you to be honest . . . however,  do not to provide details that would identify your family member, if this is an area of concern to you.

There are two ways to take the survey:

  1. Click this Survey Monkey Link to the AFC Cost Survey to take the anonymous online survey. Since everyone uses the same Survey Monkey  link, there is no way to track who is taking the survey.
  2. Print out the AFC Cost Survey – Downloadable PDF Fill in the survey by hand and mail it to:

Advocates for Change
PO Box 103392
Denver CO 80250

Thanks for participating in the Monthly Costs Survey!


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