Mar 03

Welcome to AFC!

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Dec 11

AFC’s email:

AFC’s email address: The old yahoo email address was deactivated. (Dec 2014)

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May 05

AFC’s Address: Box 103392 — Denver, CO 80250

AFC’s mailing address:

PO Box 103392
Denver CO 80250

Please do not send mail to the old PO Box in Westminster.

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Nov 21

AFC’s Phone #: (720) 329-9096


The  phone number for the AFC Response Line is (720) 329-9096.
This line will be checked for messages at least once a day, so please leave a message and we
promise to return your call.

Please Note: The OLD phone number (720-690-7125) is no longer valid.

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Aug 06

Need Assistance?

If you or a loved one have been accused of and/or convicted of a sex offense and need assistance with jobs, housing or other services, please visit our Resource Page or contact AFC via our email address or general phone number.

We do not provide direct services, but we can try to put you in touch with individuals or groups who can help with housing, jobs, and other issues.

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Jun 02

Need Support?

We believe that some of the best support comes from individuals and family members who have been through similar struggles.  We hold general meetings in Denver with informative speakers to keep us current on major topics of interest to our members. In addition, our meetings (Denver, Colorado Springs, and Ft. Collins) are a places to meet others who may have helpful information to offer, based upon first-hand experiences.

We hold general meetings each month in

  • Denver (3rd Tuesday of the month)
  • Colorado Springs (2nd Tuesday of the month)

Click the Meetings button on the AFC Menu bar for details.

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Jun 02

Mission Statement

The mission of Advocates For Change is to :

    • To create a safe and healing environment for all people.
    • To promote positive social, legislative, and institutional change.
    • To provide information, education, and support to the general public, public officials and legislators.

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