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Our Core Values, Vision, and Mission:

Core Values
Equality – Humanity – Transparency – Trust – Reform – Fairness


AFC strives to change unjust laws and policies which were enacted based on limited creditable information regarding persons charged with a sex offense.

Our goal is to serve as a voice for those who are marginalized by social injustices related to our criminal justice system and the pubic registry.


  • Inform and Educate legislators about problems with laws and policies involving those with a sex offense.
  • Promote accurate empirical data regarding risk and re-offense.
  • Serve and Support
    –Those constrained in the Justice System.
    –Individuals and families who struggle to understand the complexities of the system.


In November 2009, the Colorado CURE Board voted to disband SOIG (Sex Offender Issues Group), the SOIG group that dealt specifically with issues related to those who had been charged and/or convicted of sex offenses. Aware of the desperate need for advocacy on issues regarding our loved ones and friends who have been so charged and/or convicted, the members of the now defunct SOIG decided to continue its work under another name and Advocates For Change was born. Advocates For Change (AFC) is made up of former and present CURE members, families and loved ones of those charged and/or convicted of sex offenses and people who have committed or been charged with sexual offenses.

AFC is assertive regarding its advocacy work and is moving forward with legislative efforts.  We have supported the filing of a lawsuit against the Department of Corrections, conducted a survey of former legislators who voted on the Lifetime Supervision Act, and attend regular meetings that are important to the fair treatment and welfare of people charged and/or convicted of sex offenses.

One of AFC’s goals is holding those people charged with the oversight of our loved ones and friends accountable to the letter and spirit of the Lifetime Supervision Act, i.e., that those sentenced under the Act have a legislative mandate to treatment, the right to progress through treatment and upon meeting appropriate criteria, to be released from prison. AFC is also committed to the fair treatment of those so charged who are on probation or parole in the community. The challenges they face are monumental, the inability to get housing and jobs among them.

If you have the same or similar concerns and want to join our group, we welcome you. There is much work to be done.  Please see our newsletter for updates and keep watching the website for more news and meeting information.  We hope to see you soon.

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